Duff Kitchel does not receive commissions or accept compensation for recommending an investment product which enables us to offer valuable, objective independence in this endeavor. Wealth management is essential to sustain your style of living and we are here to help get you where you need to be. Duff Kitchel administers a personally tailored plan for each client on an individual basis. We are able to develop short-term, mid-term, and long-term financial plans based on our clients' needs and risk tolerance levels. Additionally, we have many long-standing relationships with professionals at a number of financial institutions. We use these relationships to help maximize investment strategies that are right for you.


In an ever-changing tax and financial environment, it is imperative to engage seasoned professionals for insight and expertise. We deliver results through diligent and detail-oriented work, regular communication with our clients, and fostering personal relationships. We also transmit periodic newsletters and e-alerts to provide the latest financial news and reminders. To learn more about whether we could fit your tax or accounting needs or merely join our mailing list to receive financial updates, news, and resources, click the link below.

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