For more than 30 years, Duff Kitchel + Company has worked with successful small to mid-size companies, families, and individuals to provide accounting, tax, and financial expertise. With national firm backgrounds, formal certifications, and diversified skills, Duff Kitchel + Company employees offer a myriad of comprehensive CFO, controller, tax, and accounting services to help clients make savvy decisions and achieve both short-term and long-term goals. Our optimal client relationships result from a joint and continual focus on the financial planning process, both in the current year, as well as financial planning for upcoming years. Financial forecasting is the key to maximizing our role as an effective business resource. This foresight enables us to analyze financial trends and provide invaluable advice to our varied array of clients and tailor our services to our clients’ specific size and needs. As such, we encourage and thrive on regular communication and active information exchanges with our clients. That communication may be as basic as a brief telephone call or email, or as extensive as regularly calendared complex meetings regarding tax and financial planning. This allows our firm to effectively assist our clients with managing all financial matters.


In 1984, Chuck Duff developed the initial business plan for the firm that is now Duff Kitchel. Prior to this, Chuck performed tax compliance, financial reporting services, and financial operations management for closely-held companies with KPMG Peat Marwick. In 1981, he joined a large local accounting firm where he focused on management consulting through the use of innovative accounting and reporting systems and related software. In 1984, Chuck recruited Larry Kitchel from Texas A&M University. Larry’s intense attention to detail, passion for tax procedure and planning, and dedication to clients resulted in Larry becoming a Duff Kitchel shareholder in 1995. With varied and complementary skills and a shared belief in their business model, Chuck Duff and Larry Kitchel expanded the firm into what it is today—a full-service provider of accounting, tax, and consulting services to meet clients’ needs from basic to complex. With employees from varying backgrounds and possessing a myriad of strengths and skill sets, our firm provides CFO servicer, controller services, and tax and accounting expertise tailored to our clients’ diverse needs and circumstances.


In an ever-changing tax and financial environment, it is imperative to engage seasoned professionals for insight and expertise. We deliver results through diligent and detail-oriented work, regular communication with our clients, and fostering personal relationships. We also transmit periodic newsletters and e-alerts to provide the latest financial news and reminders. To learn more about whether we could fit your tax or accounting needs or merely join our mailing list to receive financial updates, news, and resources, click the link below.

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