“For over 20 years, our business has been recognized as having one of the largest selections of new and used office furniture in the Houston area. Our company must operate efficiently to maintain this reputation and for over 14 years, we have leaned on Duff Kitchel to help us. They have become a part of us. They understand what we do and have helped us grow into what we are today. ” - Jody Norris, Owner, Corporate Outfitters

Since inception, Duff Kitchel has helped clients with the financial challenges of managing inventory. We have extensive experience with managing inventory and the balance sheet, a significant part of the business model for retailers. Duff Kitchel was engaged in 1995 by Corporate Outfitters, Ltd., a closely-held, retail office furniture entity. Our services include the implementation and management of financial reporting systems, margins analysis, risk management, and continual tax planning and analysis.

Our recent retail experience includes:

  • Analyze margins for new and used lines of inventory on an annual basis.
  • Manage all tax aspects of LIFO inventory valuation.
  • Assisted with all tax matters related to the sale of an inventory business.
  • Led all financial aspects of a conversion from an inventory/sales business model to a capital intensive rental model.


In an ever-changing tax and financial environment, it is imperative to engage seasoned professionals for insight and expertise. We deliver results through diligent and detail-oriented work, regular communication with our clients, and fostering personal relationships. We also transmit periodic newsletters and e-alerts to provide the latest financial news and reminders. To learn more about whether we could fit your tax or accounting needs or merely join our mailing list to receive financial updates, news, and resources, click the link below.

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