“ At E-Z Line, our business is constantly expanding to meet the needs of the growing energy market. We have relied upon Duff Kitchel to provide financial guidance as well as tax and accounting support. They understand my business and are always thinking of ways to add value to the bottom line.” -Howard Palmer, Owner & CEO, EZ Line Pipe Support

Duff Kitchel has always represented a variety of manufacturing companies. We have extensive experience dealing with cost accounting systems as an integral part of successful financial management for manufacturing companies. Analyzing both tax and financial aspects of capital expenditures also play a key part in efficient financial management.

Recent services include the development of complex and effective internal accounting systems for multiple profit centers, negotiation of a credit facility, and assistance with a leveraged recapitalization with a private equity firm.

Other recent manufacturing experience includes:

  • Analyzed the timing of new manufacturing equipment purchase relative to new tax laws for a local energy services company. Analysis resulted in a $75,000 tax savings and purchase of the equipment in subsequent year.
  • Converted steel fabrication company from C-Corp to S-Corp for federal income tax reporting. Conversion minimized potential double taxation relative to sustained growth.
  • Assisted with sale of a construction company as part of a management succession plan.


In an ever-changing tax and financial environment, it is imperative to engage seasoned professionals for insight and expertise. We deliver results through diligent and detail-oriented work, regular communication with our clients, and fostering personal relationships. We also transmit periodic newsletters and e-alerts to provide the latest financial news and reminders. To learn more about whether we could fit your tax or accounting needs or merely join our mailing list to receive financial updates, news, and resources, click the link below.

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